Exploring the Ocean of Finance: Financial and Investment Seminar from FEB UNNES with Bank Mandiri

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Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) Semarang State University (UNNES) attracted the attention of students by holding a seminar entitled Financial and Investment at the L1 building of Moh Hall. Hatta, FEB UNNES on Thursday, February 29, 2024. This event aims to equip FEB students with the knowledge and skills needed to manage personal finances wisely. Through the collaboration between FEB UNNES and Bank Mandiri, this event was presented with enthusiasm to help students prepare themselves to become smart individuals in managing their finances.

Mrs. Fera Triana Hendriana, as Relationship Manager of Bank Mandiri’s Priority Banking, was present as the main speaker. In his presentation, he emphasized the importance of wise financial management, especially for FEB UNNES students and alumni. “Overspending and hedonistic lifestyles can undermine our financial stability,” he said.

The speaker also gave practical tips on the ideal allocation of funds, where 50% is allocated for daily needs, 10% for investment, 10% for charity, and 30% for debt repayment, if any. Last but not least, the speaker also emphasized the importance of having a reserve fund as a form of preparation for future financial uncertainty. This event is part of a series of soft skills formation activities for students, which are planned to be held every month with different themes. FEB UNNES is also committed to supporting the formation of these soft skills by providing career planning programs and managing the FEB Alumni Family Association (IKA). With high enthusiasm, FEB UNNES students are ready to explore the challenging world of finance and bring home valuable knowledge from this seminar for a better future.

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