Master of Management


  1. The learning system applied to the Master of Management Study Program at Semarang State University uses the Applied Based Research learning system where in each subject taught, learning is carried out by discussing and analyzing problems.
  2. Developing an inspiring and creative curriculum and learning process in the Master of Management Study Program at Semarang State University continuously and sustainably.
  3. Graduates of the Semarang State University Master of Management study program are expected to have the character and spirit of leadership with ethical personal integrity, in line with professional competence.

Accreditation Status

Accredited Minimum Accreditation for New Study Program Opening from BAN-PT, “Good” Accreditation.

Graduate Profile

• Manager

• Entrepreneurs

• Researcher

• Consultants

Facilities and Laboratory

Air-conditioned lecture halls, thesis examination rooms, international standard classroom facilities, digital libraries, modern integrated laboratories, 1 TB Microsoft One Drive, 6 GB Google Workplace, and a Turnitin Account.


Semester 1

Financial Management

Marketing Management

Human Resource Management

Strategic Management

Entrepreneurship Management

Thesis Workshops

Semester 2

Finance Concentration

International Financial Management

Behavioral Finance

Portfolio Management

Research Method

Thesis Workshops

Marketing Concentration

Consumer Behavior Analysis

Advanced Marketing Strategy

International Marketing

Research Method

Thesis Workshops

Concentration of Human Resources

Advanced Human Resource Management

Cross-Cultural Management

Organizational Behavior

Research Method

Entrepreneurship Concentration

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Entrepreneurial Mindset

Business Planning and Modeling

Research Method

Thesis Workshops

Semesters 3-4



Prof. Dr. S Martono, M.Si.

Prof. Drs.  Heri Yanto, M.BA, Ph.D.

Prof. Dr. Sucihatiningsih DWP, M.Si.

Prof. Dr. Rusdarti, M.Si.

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Khafid, M.Si.

Prof. Dr. Joko Widodo, M.Pd.

Prof. Dr. Dr. Kardoyo, M.Pd.

Prof. Dr. P. Eko Prasetyo, M.Si.

Prof. Dr. Agus Wahyudin, M,Si.

Prof. Dr. Ir. Agus Hermanto, MM

Prof. Arief Yulianto, M.M.

Prof. Dr. Amin Pujiati, M.Si.

Dr. Wahyono, M.M.

Dorojatun Prihandono, S. E., M. M., Ph.D.

Dr. Dwi Cahyaningdyah, S.E., M.Si.

Dr. Vitradesie Noekent, S. E., M. M.

Dr. Sri Wartini, S.E, M.M.

Dr. P. Erianto Hasibuan


a. Erasmus

b. Mara University of Technology (UiTM)

c. The Indonesian Capital Market Indonesia

d. Indonesia Stock Exchange

e. Markplus

f. Phintraco Securities

g. LSF Brilliant

h. Indonesian Business and Management Study Program Alliance (APSMBI)

Contact Person

Andhi Wijayanto, S.E., M.M (+62 856-2697-495)

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