Master of Accounting


  1. Have a comparative and competitive advantage in developing and applying science and technology in the field of Accounting.
  2. Understand, understand, analyze, and solve problems in the field of Accounting both nationally and internationally by prioritizing ethics and decency as well as nationalist values.
  3. Able to communicate effectively by utilizing and applying information technology and developing oneself to think logically and analytically to solve problems professionally in an intelligent, resilient, and responsible manner.

Accreditation Status

Accredited Minimum Accreditation for New Study Program Opening from BAN-PT, “Good” Accreditation.

Graduate Profile

Graduates of the Master of Accounting Study Program have the opportunity to work as academics or practitioners in the government and private sectors at the national and international levels.

Facilities and Laboratory

Air-conditioned lecture halls, thesis examination rooms, international standard classroom facilities, digital libraries, modern integrated laboratories, 1 TB Microsoft One Drive, 6 GB Google Workplace, and a Turnitin Account.


Semester 1

Financial Theory and Managerial Economics

Data Analytics for Accounting Research

Accounting Theory and Research in Financial Accounting

Philosophy of Science

Scientific Writing and Research Methods in Accounting

Semester 2

Issue and Research in Managerial Accounting

Issues and Research in Audit and Attestation

Issues in Taxation and Tax Policy Research*

Issues and Research in Governance*

Issues and Research in Sustainability Accounting and Reporting*

Semester 3

Issues and Research in Public Finance and Budgeting*

Issues and Research in Public Sector Accounting*

Accounting Theory and Research in Financial Accounting*

Issues and Research in Accounting Information Systems, Risks, and Controls*

Research Publication

Semester 4



Prof. Dr. S Martono, M.Si

Prof. Drs.  Heri Yanto, M.BA, Ph.D.

Prof. Dr. Sucihatiningsih DWP, M.Si.

Prof. Dr. Rusdarti, M.Si.

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Khafid, M.Si

Prof. Dr. Joko Widodo, M.Pd.

Prof. Dr. Dr. Kardoyo, M.Pd.

Prof. Dr. P. Eko Prasetyo, M.Si.

Prof. Dr. Agus Wahyudin, M,Si

Prof. Dr. Ir. Agus Hermanto, MM

Prof. Arief Yulianto, MM

Prof. Dr. Amin Pujiati, M.Si

Indah Fajarini SW., M.Si., Ph.D, CSRA.

Dr. Nanik Sri Utaminingsih, SE, M.Si, Akt

Dr. Indah Anisykurlillah, SE., M.Si. Akt., CA.

Dr. Bestari Dwi Handayani, M.Si.

Dr. Heni Murtini, S.E, M.Si.

Dr. Hasan Mukhibad, S.E, M.Si.


  1. Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM)
  2. Indonesian Institute of Accountants (IAI)
  3. Audit Board of the Republic of Indonesia (BPK RI)
  4. Public Accounting Firm (KAP)
  5. Regional Tax Office (Kanwil Pajak)

Contact Person

Dr. Nanik Sri Utaminingsih, S.E, M.Si, Akt (+62 815-6558-093)

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