Between mystical and entertainment: A study on Barongan show in Blora, Indonesia

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Agus Cahyono, Sunarto, Deasylina Da Ary, Nadia Sigi Prameswari


The Barongan show has existed since 1825 and is particularly popular in Blora, Indonesia. This show is an adaptation of the Balinese Barongan and Reog Ponorogo to Blora culture. Because of its magical and mystical characteristics, Barongan Blora is associated with ritual practices. The traditional Barongan show began as a mystical show, but as it evolved, modern Barongan shows that are entertainment and spectacle have arisen without displacing the traditional Barongan. This paper looks at the magical and mystical rites in the Barongan Blora Show from the standpoint of function or the theatrical program. In Blora, traditional and modern Barongan show groups were interviewed and observed. As a mystical show, traditional Barongan stresses supernatural elements bound by particular regulations. It has enormous magical power and can put the pembarong into a trance. This phenomenon has a unique allure for the audience. This is different from modern Barongan shows, which are primarily for entertainment and are more adaptable in their execution. Modern Barongan shows are also more attractive to all groups since they are more enticing and are not restricted by rituals. Traditional and modern Barongan symbolize populist moral values that exist in Blora culture and are a trademark of the Blora region. Therefore the proclamation of Barongan as Blora regional art is more than just a discourse; Barongan becomes the spirit of life for the Blora people.

Keywords Barongan, Blora, entertainment, mystical, show


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Cahyono, A., Sunarto, S., Ary, D. da, & Prameswari, N. S. (2023). Between mystical and entertainment: A study on Barongan show in Blora, Indonesia. Research Journal in Advanced Humanities, 4(1). https://doi. org/10.58256/rjah.v4i1.1207

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