FIP UNNES Held International Conference Primary Education Pivotal Literature And Research

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The Faculty of Education (FIP) Universitas Negeri Semarang (UNNES) held the International Conference Primary Education Pivotal Literature And Research which was held virtually, Monday (23/8).

This international conference presented speakers Prof. Sofyan Hussein from the Faculty of Social Science and Humanities, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Prof. Dr. Chi Keung Eric Cheng The Education University of Hong Kong, China, Adrian Rodgers PhD Ohio State University, United States, and Farid Ahmadi SKom MKom PhD. Semarang State University, Indonesia.

At this International Conference, the first speaker was Andrian Rodger PhD, a literacy professor from OHIO University, United States who discussed “Online Kindergarten-Grade 3 Elementary School Literacy Learning in Indonesia”.

Andrian explained that from research conducted while observing learning in Indonesia, there are several effective educational methods applied in Indonesia, including the teacher can give students the task of observing the situation around them, then draw and give information and send them via WhatsApp, create a word wall that can be seen every day so what is taught becomes memorable, marking reading books according to level making it easier for students to determine which book to read, students learn to write and string words from things observed not from text in books.

The second speaker was Dr. Eric Chi Keung Cheng who discussed developing school proof capital through learning-theoretical framework. While the 3rd speaker, Farid Ahmadi SKom MKom PhD, delivered material with the theme “millennial teacher in the pandemic era”. He mentioned that there are 7 ways to become a millennial teacher during a pandemic, namely having to comply with health protocols, analyzing student development regarding economic and technological capabilities, teachers must be able to design online learning, choose and simplify the scope of subjects and use the right media to carry out activities. learning, make learning fun, involve students, teach them how to be responsible for their learning, reflect on learning regularly, create a community to support mental health.

The 4th speaker was Prof. Dr. Supyan Hussin who discussed “Basic Education During the Pandemic Era: Experience in Malaysia”

Through this International Conference, it is hoped that it can provide new insights and methods of more effective and creative learning that have been applied in various countries to teaching staff in Indonesia regarding online learning in this pandemic era, besides that it can provide new breakthroughs for prospective educators regarding various methods of education in the future.

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