ICT Center’s Team


Packed with a young, creative and tech-entusiastic talent, to tailored a good software, a fast and reliable internet, a better data-driven dashboard and creative content for Universitas Negeri Semarang.

Mona Subagja, S.Pd, M.Kom

Chairman / Chief Technology Officer (CTO) UNNES

Full-stack Developer

Anggy Trisnawan Putra, S.Si, M.Si

Senior Manager & Senior Full-stack Developer

M. Anbiya Nur Islam, S.Kom

Full-stack Developer

Hendi Susanto, S.Kom

Full-stack Developer

Alfy Fajri, S.Kom

Flutter Developer

Yayan DK

Junior Full-stack Developer

M. Zakki Mahatir

Junior Full-stack Developer

Taripar Matius Alexander

Junior Full-stack Developer

M. Addien Malik, S.T

Junior Full-stack Developer

IT Infrastructure

Dinar Diaz Septian, S.Kom

Technical Manager

Andhi Prasetyo, S.Kom

Datacenter Engineer

Joko Susilo, S.Kom

NOC Engineer

Luthfi Maslichul K, S.Pd

Cloud Engineer

Andika Enggal Ramadhan, S.T

IOT & Junior NOC Engineer

Dimas Saputra

Junior NOC Engineer

Data Scientist

Akhmad Munawar, S.Pd

Senior Manager & Senior Data Scientist

Ismail Okta Kurniawan, A.Md

SQL Magician

Ilham Hernowo Saputro, S.Pd

REGEX Magician, Senior  Data Scientist

M. Rozak Ilham Aditya, S.Kom

Junior Data Scientist

David Leandro Wibisono, S.Kom.

MBKM Orchestrator & Junior Data Scientist

Media Specialist

Fitrotul Mufida, S.Kom

UnnesTV Executive Producer

Sunarna Hendra Handaka, S.Kom

Program Manager & Audio

Abdul Aziz Ahwan, S.Pd.

Editor & vMix-man

Riezha Viqhi, S.Pd


e-Learning & Event

Dr. Vitradesie Noekent, M.Si

Senior Manager

Akhmad Ridho, S.Kom

Moodle Guru & Full-stack Developer


Aris Pristi Wandiro


Padang Widiastuti, S.Pd

HR & General Affair