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Directorate of Information System and Public Relation is a directorate Of Universitas Negeri Semarang that focusing its activities in information service, public relation,  student admission, integrated service, and university ranking reputation data

A Brief of History

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Center is a special unit Of Universitas Negeri Semarang that focusing its activity to provide, manage and develop information and communication technology. Established in 1984, ICT Center was named PUSKOM or “Pusat Komputer”. Upon its establishment, ICT has been a special unit to manage and develop the computer-related matter in Universitas Negeri Semarang. PUSKOM then changed its name in 1994 to UPT Komputer, in 2010 to UPT PTIK, then in 2015 to 2018 became Badan PTIK. From 2018, it changed its name again to “UPT TIK”.  Based on Rector Decree no 11 / 2023, Directorate of Information System and Public Relation is established


  • Drs. Iswoyo PIA (1984-1994)
  • Drs. Budi Naini Mindyarto M.App.Sc (1994-2006)
  • Prof. Dr.rer.nat. Wahyu Hardyanto M.Si (2006-2011)
  • Sugiyanto S.Pd., M.Si (2011-2015)
  • Prof. Supriyadi (2015-2017)
  • Mona Subagja, M.Kom (2017-now)

Team Division & Tasks

Subdirectorate of Information System

Information Technology Development
  1. Making analysis for new information system needs;
  2. Supporting lecturer and staff in giving online service;
  3. Creting blueprint and roadmap the needs of UNNES Digital Smart Campus Development
  4. Giving accompanient to system development team in UNNES on data and information management in accordance the needs of the university
  5. Conduct technical assistant to understand the application of big data concept in higher education world, serving data and information in form of infographic, utilizing LMS and its application
  6. Giving training to lecturer and academic society related to technology implementation
  7. Developing cooperation on application development to bring in income generation for system information application, AI application, and IoT application
  1. Maintaining IT Support infrastructure
  2. Maintaining and developing command center;
  3. Maintaining and developing DevOps;
  4. Maintaining network and data security in UNNES
Information Technology Service
  1. Responsible for data and information serving;
  2. Responsible for maintaining and developing the data security;
  3. Conduct data backup and recovery
  4. Managing user access rights in application
  5. Giving data request service from lecturer, student, and work unit

Subdirectorate of Public Relation and Integrated Service

Admission and Integrated Service
  1. Organize student admission service
  2. Conducting analysis and evaluation on student admission service
  3. Managing complaint service from the stakeholders
  4. Giving service for academic problem settlement
  5. Giving service for student problem settlement
  6. Giving service for  IT problem
  7. Giving service for finance problem
  8. Giving service for other problem in UNNES
Public Relation 
  1. Organize promotion and public relation service;
  2. Managing and developing  university main website;
  3. Organize media publication and documentation;
  4. Organize activity that bring in income generation;
  5. Giving public information services;
Media Production 
  1. Producing media audio visual content for UNNES publication;
  2. Coordinating video conference and streaming activity related to university reputatio;
  3. Producing content that giving education about university to the society

Subdirectorate of Reputation and Cooperation

  1. Organizing access expansion and reputaion of UNNES
  2. Conducting analysis for university ranking needs
  3. Conducting data and information analysis
  4. Conducting data analysis on achievement of 8 Ministry IKU
  5. Conducting companion on fulfillment of university ranking form
  6. Conducting evaluation of university ranking result
  7. Proposing improvement based on university ranking evaluation result
  8. Conducting improvement on ranking achievement
  9. Accompanying UNNES reputation through international reputable ranking institution
  10. Giving recommendation on university ranking institution
  1. Developing service for domestic and international cooperation
  2. Giving service for cooperation with international partner in research, devotion, and other non academic activity
  3. Giving evaluation of cooperation appropriateness and determining the  amount of institution development grant
  4. Initializing dan developing cooperation which bring in university income generation
  5. Initializing the development of investment cooperation


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Network Datacenter

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