Postgraduate Programs

For Master and Doctoral Degree

International Admission is Open

UNNES offers 9 study programs for doctoral degrees and 24 study programs for master’s degrees, providing a wide range of options for students who wish to pursue advanced studies. This year, UNNES is pleased to open its doors to international students who are interested in continuing their education at our university.

Admission Period

The admission registration start from 1 March until 9 June 2023.

All the procedures are done online.

Admission Contact Center

Officer at Unit Layanan Terpadu (ULT) UNNES

H Building (Rectorate) Sekaran Campus

Gunungpati Semarang 50229

Telephone number (024) 86008700 (office hours) Ext. 059

Email: [email protected]

Admission Procedures

  1. Applicants prepare scanned files of
  • latest diploma and academic transcript (high school or college for undergraduate program applicants, undergraduate program for master program applicants, and master program for doctoral program applicants)
  • Indonesian or English-translated latest diploma and academic transcript legalized by authorized institution
  • passport-size photograph with red background, maximum 1 MB capacity and jpg. format
  • passport with minimum 2 years validity (please provide scan of cover and personal identity page)
  • bank account with minimum balance of US$ 500
  • health certificate from hospital or health center
  • proof of personal health insurance (optional)
  • full dose of Covid vaccination card/certificate
  • recommendation from Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in applicant’s country or applicant’s nearest country. (for some countries, it is valid to acquire the letter from applicant’s country Embassy in Indonesia)
  • recommendation letter from previous lecturer or advisor (for master applicants)

  2. Those scanned documents are uploaded in the fields provided in the admission page

  3. Applicants fill the registration form and upload the documents in the enrolment page

  4. Applicants will have written test (English Proficiency Test) and interview with the date informed to their personal email

Study Program

Each applicant is eligible to choose and apply for two study programs among all the available options.

Among all the study programs, we also have international classes in Master’s and Doctoral programs.

Here is the list of international classes:

Master Programs

  • English Language Education
  • Indonesian Language Education
  • Economics
  • Law
  • Public Health
  • Physical Education

Doctoral Programs

  • Language Education
  • Physical Education



After completing all the necessary admission procedures, the result of your application will be sent to your email, where you will be notified whether you have been accepted or not. We encourage all applicants to regularly check their email for updates regarding their admission status.

Are you interested in studying at UNNES?