CNCS 2021

Tuesday, 14 September 2021 | 16:23 WIB

Civil National Competition and Seminar (CNCS) adalah kompetisi yang menyelenggarakan perlombaan yang didasari 5 Pusat Studi dalam program studi Teknik Sipil UNPAR. Dalam CNCS 2021, untuk perlombaan kami mengusung tema “Infrastruktur Ibu Kota Baru Kalimantan Timur”. Sedangkan untuk Seminar Nasional mengusung tema “Transit Oriented Development (TOD)”.



CNCS Competition is now open for registration, calling for all students over Indonesia.

This year’s CNCS themed about moving the capital city to Kalimantan.

List of Competitions:

– Transportation System Analysis Competition (TSAC)

– Water Engineering Competition (WECOM)*

– Geo Challenge Competiton (GCC)

– Concrete Building Design Competition (CBDC)

– Project Estimation Simulation (PES)

*WECOM exclusively talks about Citarum river

 Registration fee: 300 k/team

(1 team consists of 3 participants from the same university and 4 participants for CBDC)

 Prize up to IDR 42,5 millions + E-certificate for each competitions

What are you waiting for? Enroll your team now and get all the experience and joy this year’s CNCS can give.

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