Prof Dr Wasino MHum: Investigations on Social History

Wednesday, 17 February 2016 | 1:55 WIB

Professor of Social History, Prof. Dr. Wasino M.Hum, was born in Wonogiri August 5, 1964. This Social History Lecturer at the History Department of the Faculty of Social Sciences Unnes completed doctoral and master degree at the University of Gadjah Mada. Previously, he completed his undergraduate study at the University of Diponegoro.

Prof. Wasino is also the chief editor of an accredited national journal Paramita. His investigation on the capitalist MANGKUNEGARA IV through a sugar industry was published by LKIS Yogyakarta under the title Bumi Putra’s Capitalism: Changes of Mangkunegaran Society (2008). Critics consider this book successful in recording comprehensively the traces of the history of Mangkunagara kingdom, with a clear expression of capitalism in the government system. This book also photographes nicely the tangled problems of land ownership that took place in various regions.

Prof. Dr. Wasino M.Hum reveals the motion of Bumi Putra’s capitalism began when the king’s son MANGKUNEGARA IV actuated the economy of Mangkunegara kingdom by making use of planting coffee, ginger, and other spices for sale. In addition, King MANGKUNEGARA IV also leased land powers to be used as a business field for foreign investors from Western and Chinese private sector.

Prof. Dr. Wasino initiated a number of studies of social history, some of which have been published, such as Wong Java and Wong China: The Vagaries of Social Relations between Javanese and Chinese in Surakarta (2006), Land, Rural, and Ruler: History of Ownership and Land Tenure in rural Java (2006).

Another book that has been published is Fighting Become Entrepreneurs: Life History of Capitalist Bumi Putra Indonesia (2008), History and Value Kephlawanan Magelang City (2009), Traditional Settlement Patterns in Java (1997/1998), Stone Artifacts Period Pre-History of Hinduism and Buddhism (ed ), (2004), Batik Style Decorations: Overview and Symbols meaning (ed.) (2004), Assessment and Penulsan traditional ceremony in Wonosobo (undated).

In a research article entitled White Collar Crime in Rural Java Colonial Period, Prof. Dr. Wasino investigates the village authorities over Rasuah practice during the days of the Dutch East Indies. One of the corruption attempt was practiced by Mantri Gunung Madu Colo Raden Mas Ngabehi Harjasasmita.

Other studies that have been done including: History of the Independence Day and the Development of Tegal (1995), Economic Policy and Development of Food Crops in Surakarta, Comparison between Ethical and New Order (1996), Reorganization of Agrarian in Surakarta and its Impact on Welfare Farmer (1998 ), Pluralism and Conflict Resolution (1999), and village authorities in Surakarta Post-Reorganization of Agrarian 1912-1942 (2003).

Next, he also conducted research Tilak Traders Gatherer in Rural Java: A Case Study in District Wirosari, Grobogan, Central Java (2004), Shifting Patterns of Leadership Village Community Autonomous (Case Study Selo village, District Tawang Harjo, Grobogan (2004), Writing assessment and traditional ceremony in Wonosobo regency (2004), Rural Java in the Lower Kaptalisme Bumiputra (2005), and the Nationalization Mangkunegaran Sugar Factory (2005).

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EDITOR : Annisa Widyawati

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