UNNES Rector Became A Guest in International University Vietnam

Tuesday, 6 August 2019 | 4:30 WIB

UNNES Rector Prof Dr Fathur Rokhman MHum was being a guest lecturer in International University Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam after signing MoU in cooperation with the rector of Internasional University Vietnam , Monday, 5/8.

Strengthening Multicultural Society through Growing Leadership is the material delivered by Prof Fathur Rokhman with Dr Hendi Pratama in front of student and lecturer in International University Vietnam.

“Leadership growth has been responded positively by lecturers and students in International University Vietnam. They are very enthusiastic about joining the course to find out more about the growing leadership paradigm,” said Prof Fathur Rokhman.

After giving a course, UNNES rector accompanied by Vice Dean for Academic Affairs at the Faculty of Language and Arts visited the International University Vietnam library. Visiting International University Vietnam library was to find out service and facilities in the International University Vietnam library which later be used as a reference in providing services at Rumah Ilmu UNNES.

Collaboration between UNNES and International University Vietnam will be continued in the research program and international accreditation.

Hizkia Thanto Arwana (Student Staff)

DIUNGGAH : Faza Unnes
EDITOR : Faza Unnes

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