Two UNNES Lectures Deliver Presentation at Kokushikan University Japan

Thursday, 28 September 2017 | 4:20 WIB

Two UNNES Lectures Deliver Presentation at Kokushikan University Japan

Two Lecture from Department of Chemistry of Mathematics and Natural Science Faculty of UNNES, Jumaeri MSi and Dr F Widhi Mahatmanti MSi becomes oral speaker in the “6th International on Engineering and Innovative Materials” (ICEM 2017) at Setaga Campus, Kokushikan University, Tokyo, Japan.

Under the theme of Materials Science and Engineering, Materials properties, Measuring Methods and Applications, methodology of Research and Analysis and Modeling also Materials Manufacturing and Processing” this program held for 3 days (3-5 September 2017).

Followed by 20 countries such as Japan, China, Russia, United States, Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Saudi Arabia with the number of participant is around 200 people. As many as 200 papers presented orally and 7 papers by poster. The conference start by the opening, presentation from 1st to 10th speakers, then continue by parallel session of presentation from 1st to 10th session.

Besides the paper presentation, two UNNES lectures also conducted opening speech about the possibility cooperation of smart material research “Carbon Nanotube” developed at Center of Nanotecnology King Abdulaziz University. Some other activities are visits to tourist attractions and visits to Museum of Science in Tokyo.

DIUNGGAH : Annisa Widyawati
EDITOR : Annisa Widyawati

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