Moving Leadership for Professional Teachers in Facing 21st Century

Tuesday, 16 April 2019 | 14:04 WIB


Over time, Leadership Grows for Prospective Teachers of the 21st Century. Realizing a great vision with determination to develop leadership to grow.

This is done to improve one’s ability and must be adapted to existing the necessary. No exception to the teacher who is required to develop themselves. Because with existing teachers, they can produce high achieving students with character.

The Rector of Universitas NegeriSemarang (UNNES) Prof. Dr. Fathur Rokhman M,Hum said that teachers must be professional and have the character to face challenges in the future.

Be brave to write a big vision going forward and telling friends is the seed of leadership growing. This courage deserves respect. More ready to grow it at any time. The leaders are those who brave to realize the vision, Monday (15/4) at Prof. Satmoko

He also said, UNNES as a LPTK must be able to grow professional teacher candidates to face challenges in the era of disruption, grow the seeds of leadership, strengthen the leadership tree, assemble a network of leadership trees,face the storm.

Professional teachers are leaders, with the provision of Growing Leadership, it is expected that prospective professional teachers are able to develop their capacity and quality.On this occasion, one of the Growing Leadership teams, Dr. Hendi Pratama MA explained about the importance of social media.

According to him, the development of social media is very fast indeed makes our lifestyle and behavior affected. How not, with the sophistication of technology and internet facilities that are increasingly evenly distributed, making information more easily spread.

Through this activity, he hopes to be able to help each other to bring positive social media ways and build networks to fight hoax content.


Faza Lutfiyana (Student Staff)

DIUNGGAH : Faza Unnes
EDITOR : Faza Unnes

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