Indonesia Consulate General in Jeddah Teams up with Unnes to Establish Study Center and Indonesian Culture

Tuesday, 30 April 2019 | 20:35 WIB

The Indonesian Consulate General in Jeddah will cooperate with the Universitas Negeri Semarang (UNNES) to establish a Center for Indonesian Studies and Culture in Jeddah. The plan was agreed upon at the UNNES Rector’s meeting by Prof. Dr. Fathur Rokhman MHum and Head of the Indonesian Consulate General in Jeddah, Monday (29/4).


To realize the plan, next October the Indonesian Consulate General (KJRI) in Jeddah will visit UNNES to finalize the master plan. The Indonesian Consulate General (KJRI) is planned to come with a team from Thaif University, a university that drives the establishment of the institution.


The plan to establish a study center is one of the agendas discussed by the UNNES rector during a  visit in their country.


The Indonesian Consul General in Jeddah appreciates the cooperation established by UNNES so far. Because, the cooperation felt to have brought great benefits.


For example, the Consul General expressed his gratitude because UNNES has sent an Indonesian Language lecturer to Foreign Speakers (BIPA) on the Indonesian Consulate in 2018. Thanks for the event , the participants were able to take part in the Indonesia for Businees activities initiated by the Indonesian Consulate in the face of the 4.0 Industrial Revolution.


In addition, in the odd semester 2018/2019, UNNES also sent a professor.It has resulted in collaboration in research and publications with the Arab Open University.


Instead of focus of teaching, the lecturers sent by the UNNES were considered to contribute to the event in the Indonesian Consulate as a form of service in the implementation of the tri dharma of higher education.


The result that was considered good was what prompted the two parties to agree to continue the cooperation. “Next year the MoU with the Indonesian Consulate General in Jeddah must be extended, because it gives great benefits to both parties. “It is also in line with the aspirations of UNNES to become a world-class university,” continued Prof. Fathur.



Hizkia Thanto Arwana (Student Staff)

DIUNGGAH : Faza Unnes
EDITOR : Faza Unnes

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