Chemistry Student of UNNES becoming the Facilitator of Saudara Satu Negara in Malaysia

Monday, 4 March 2019 | 14:30 WIB

Chemistry student of UNNES, Adi Wahyu Arzanto was appointed becoming facilitator of social service program “Saudara Satu” (One Brotherhood) in Malaysia alongside Ahmad Abdulla Zawawi from Unesa. The program has been running for two years.

This Pekalongan Student was chosen as program coordinator in Sabah, soon after he was given trust to be facilitator of the program. As the facilitator, Adi also play role as a contact person between participants, school, and Palm Tree Company.

There are also processes in selection that participated by hundreds of students all round Indonesia. The process includes sending CV and Motivation Letter. Second phase is interview process by phone call. The interview followed by best participants proceeding previous phase.

Five best participants from various University sorted after interview phase. Those five best student whole nation includes UNNES student. One Brotherhood was held for four days from 21st till 25th of February in Sabah Malaysia.

This program focuses on school for children of Indonesian Labour’s Children living in Sabah. The step to obtain higher education makes children closer to get their dreams. Future generation is the hope for every parents, religion, and the nation.


Agung Setyo Nugroho (Student Staff)





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