Becoming Smart Society in Disruption Era, Social Science of Education UNNES Presenting China’s Lecturer

Wednesday, 13 February 2019 | 14:04 WIB



Industrial Revolution 4.0 Era gives changes towards society in various aspects. University is to deal with challenges through dynamic human source development, in order to survive from global changing.

Above all, The Major Social Science of Education Universitas Negeri Semarang (UNNES) held guest lecture. Under the theme “Global Phenomena in Industrial Revolution 4.0 Era and The Readiness Becoming Society 5.0”, Wednesday (13/2) in Faculty of Social Science (FIS), Sekaran, Gunungpati.

The guest lecture present the expertise in Educational Technology, Dr Hery Yanto The SSos MM. He is as well, the lecturer of Zhejiang Yuexiu University, China. Another entity coming to the event are faculty members.

The Dean of FIS, Dr MS Mustofa MA in his speech pointed out the necessity of conserving civilization through education. Consequently, students from the major as potential teachers have to expand the knowledge to construct a smart generation in global era.

In line with The Dean, The head of the major Puji Lestari SPd MSi said that this particular activity in harmony with UNNES’ vision and mission. UNNES tries to achieve the predicate conservation knowledge and international recognition. This process needs the students that equipped with global competence.

The empowerment of global competence should be balanced with development and conservation of cultural values as national identity.

Guest lecture, Dr Hery Yanto The SSos MM stated, the smart society is an indication when an individual or group is able to combine the use of technology, creative idea development, the ability to deal with challenges, and the ability to overcome various threats.

The development of information and communication technology provides human to do many things. The human act in global era supposed to uphold value, moral, and norms in society. “Modernity is not the reason to erase humanity values”, he said.


Agung Setyo Nugroho (Student Staff)

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