Campus Life

UNNES has four main campuses located in Sekaran, Bendan Duwur, Ngaliyan, and Tegal. Developed with the concept of a green environment, the campuses are green and convenient. As for it is located in the upper region, the campus will not be affected by the floods.

Since 2012, students, lecturers, and staffs are prohibited from using a motor vehicle around the campus in order to reduce pollution in the effort of environment conserving. To reach one building to another, you have to simply walk or use a bicycle provided.

Living Places

There are several alternative places to stay during the study at UNNES. You can stay in a boarding house or dormitory.

If you choose to stay in a boarding house, there are several options according to the facilities and rental prices. In Sekaran, there are several boarding houses at a cost of Rp.1.5 million or $120 per year. However, if you have a big budget, there are exclusive boarding houses at a price of Rp.5 million to Rp.7 million or $350 to $500 per year.

There are three dormitories provided by the university, which are located in Sekaran (for guys), Kalisegoro (for girls), and Ngaliyan (for guys and girls). The rental fee in the dormitory is only Rp.150 thousand or $10 per month. While staying in the dormitory, students are provided with various training programs such as the English language, leadership, cooking and dancing training.

Sports Facilities

There is a gymnasium named The Gym of Prof. Soegijono, and inside of it there are badminton court, sepak takraw court, indoor volleyball court, indoor basketball court, gymnastics equipments, and martial court.

If you want outdoor sports, there are also synthetic athletics track, football pitch, mini golf and driving range, pitch softball / baseball and hockey court, tennis court, beach volleyball court, basketball court, outdoor volleyball court, and a swimming pool. One more thing if you want a relaxing jogging, there is also a jogging track with a length of 4 km around UNNES campus.

Health Facilities

To serve students and other academic community, UNNES provides Health Service with the name of ‘Puslakes’. Here students can receive health services at an affordable price. Only 50 meters away from the Sekaran campus, there is also a health center. So if you have health concerns that must be addressed soon, you can go there. Moreover, in Sekaran and Patemon, there also clinics and physician practices. Clinics and doctors’ offices are ready to handle your health concerns as soon as possible.


There are various modes of transportation that you can use at the Campus in Sekaran. If you’re from out of town or even out of country and traveling with an airplane, UNNES campus is only 15 minutes from Ahmad Yani International Airport. From the airport, you can take a taxi or a public transportation.

If you take a train, you can get off at Poncol or Tawang station. From the station, take a public transportation with the destination of Sampangan. From Sampangan you should take another public transportation to UNNES campus.

If you take a bus, you can get off at Terboyo or Mangkang terminal. From the terminal, you can take the Rapid Trans Bus towards the city from where you can proceed with public transportation.

If you’re from the south (Ungaran), we suggest you get off at Sisemut terminal (Ungaran). From there you can take a public transportation. You can also go down in Srondol (Banyumanik) from where you ride a public transportation with the destination of Sekaran and Jatingaleh.

Free Wi-Fi

Internet network in UNNES is supported by fiber optic connections among faculties. To provide comfort to the students to access the Internet, Wi-Fi is spread throughout the campus that can be used free of charge.

Welcome to Semarang

Semarang. A city that is truly one-of-a-kind! You will find the world in this city, but you will never find anything quite like it anywhere else in the world.

The city is located on the north coast of the island of Java, Indonesia. It is the capital and largest city of Central Java Province and the fifth biggest city in Indonesia. It is rich with heritage buildings, ancient landmarks and colonial structures. The beauty of this city is the fact that Semarang has mountain and hills area in the south and beach in the north. It offers you the best tourist experience with its nature and beautiful tourism spots such as Lawang SewuKota Lama, and Sam Po Kong temple. As for those who want to try the traditional foods, Semarang is the home of its delicious spring rolls called Lumpia.

Here, we will show you the must-see destinations and must-do activities that will thrill you for sure. We have rounded up the best attractions that will guide you in and around this amazing city.

Unnes is the best place to realize your dreams

John Smith