Successful in SEM Asia 2019, Pandawa Team Invented a Saving 131 KM/Liter Car

Wednesday, 8 May 2019 | 15:10 WIB


The Pandawa Team of Universitas Negeri Semarang (UNNES), which is incorporated in the Urbanconcept ICE category, succeeded in obtaining an 8th rank of fuel-saving car with an efficiency of 131 Km / liter in the Shell Eco-Marathon Asia 2019 held at the Sepang International Circuit, Malaysia on April 28 – May 2.

Vice Dean of Student Affairs, Faculty of Engineering Dr Wirawan Sumbodo MT said, achieving the 8th rank in the Shell Eco-Marathon Asia 2019 showed positive acceptance because of the previous participation in 2017 and 2018, Pandawa Team was ranked 12 and 11.

“This year, Pandawa was chosen as Indonesia’s representative in the Opening Ceremony followed by representing other Indonesian teams that won 26 teams from prestigious universities. This is a special pride for the Pandawa Team because it can represent Indonesia raising the red and white flag in line with other Asian countries,” said Dr Wirawan.

SEM-Asia is an annual event that challenges a team of students from Asian universities to design and make fuel-saving cars. As many as 18 countries with a total of 120 teams participated in this event. There are two categories in this race, namely prototypes and urban concepts. For fuel class, there are three classes, namely Internal Coumbustion Engine (ICE), Electric Battery, and Hydrogen.

The Pandawa Team’s journey in achieving these results must go through a struggle. Each team must pass 3 selection phases before being announced to compete in this event. In addition, at the time of the race, each team must pass a technical inspection so that the car is declared feasible to pave on the circuit.

Fajar Satrio Aji as Chair of the Pandawa Team approved further research to get better results than in previous years.

“One of the things we want to do is to use lighter body materials and also with a transmission system. This is an effort to save energy specifically for fossil fuels to support the vision of UNNES as a complementary and internationally reputed campus,” said Fajar


Translated by Mutiah Karim (Student Staff)

DIUNGGAH : Faza Unnes
EDITOR : Faza Unnes

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