Participated in ELCCO 2019, Two Engineering Faculty Student of UNNES Won Line Follower Microcontroller Category

Thursday, 14 February 2019 | 14:12 WIB



The team of Engineering Faculty Student of Universitas Negeri Semarang (UNNES) managed to win Electrical and Computer Competition (ELCCO) 2019, Saturday (9/2).

The team consist of Choirozyad Muhammad Hafidz and Amelinda Rojannah walked away as the first place in Line Follower Microcontroller category. However, the second place secured by Universitas Amikom Yogyakarta and the third obtained by UIN Sunan Gunung Djati Bandung.

In this category, the participants using robot as competition media. Robot would be operated to walk in particular line, there are also obstacle to be evaded. Not only competing speed and agility of a robot, but also contesting best robot design.

ELCCO itself is a competition in innovations and developments of technology, basic electrics engineering and computers, and robotics science that rapidly improving now days.

The competition that held by Student Association of Electrics Engineering Universitas Udayana Bali, participated by dozens of participants from various Universities in Indonesia.

The Vice Dean of Student Affair of Engineering Faculty UNNES, Dr Wirawan Sumbodo MT appreciated the achievement of Hafidz and Amelinda.

“I extremely appreciate their achievement (Hafidz and Amelinda) of securing the first place in prestigious competition. Certainly, this is motivation towards the rest of student to keep achieving and enhancing reputation.” clear Dr Wirawan.

UNNES always commits to keep developing the spirit achieving and enhancing reputation. UNNES’ achievement and reputation not only national but also international. As a result, UNNES is the best place to develop the knowledge and technology, dealing with global challenges.

As the home of knowledge and developer of excellent civilization, UNNES has been preparing to accept the best generations by opening admission that accessible in the link and


Agung Setyo Nugroho (Student Staff)


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