Not Only Rising Reputation, UNNES Athletes Also Rising Achievement

Tuesday, 31 October 2017 | 5:57 WIB

Not Only Rising Reputation, UNNES Athletes Also Rising Achievement

Seven students of Universitas Negeri Semarang (UNNES) participate in the Wushu Try Out for the 2018 Asian Games. Together with 547 athletes from different province and wushu association, the Try Out is held in Sport Mall Britama Arena, North Jakarta, Friday (27/10).

Lecturer of Faculty of Sport Sciences (FIK) UNNES Dr Henny Setyawati explained, from 7 students of FIK UNNES who participated in this event, 2 students entered the National Athelete Training Team and 5 students entered the Central Java Team. According to the Wushu International referee who is also the Manager of Central Java Team as well as Secretary of Wushu Road to Asian Games 2018 Committee, 7 students who participated in the event held until 29 October, 4 students obtained the gold medal, Yusuf Widiyanto (sanda 56 kg son) , Bayu Raka Putra (60 kg son), Puja Riyaya (70 kg son), and Imas Ardzi Maulana (Taolu, Daoshu Son’s number). 1 Silver, Bayu Peni Hendraswari (sanda 48 kg daughter), and 1 Bronze Ratih Erlyana (60 kg daughter). One student athlete sanda on behalf of Admiral Pandu, stalled in the quarter round.

Dr Henny also said that there is the possibility that General Chairman of Wushu Indonesia (PB WI) Executive Airlangga Hartarto who is also the Minister of Industry apply the promotion of degradation in the composition of national athlete training. She added that this degradation promotion will make the level of competitiveness in the championship increase. Including for national athletes who must continue to try to maintain its position.

Vice Rector for Student Affairs of UNNES Dr Bambang Budi Raharjo admitted, the participation of UNNES students in this prestigious event surely past a long process of coaching which programed, intensive, continuous.

Dr Bambang BR also said, in different national and international events, Universitas Negeri Semarang always put athletes on the championship ladder. Not only contribute to reputation, but also achievement.

DIUNGGAH : Annisa Widyawati
EDITOR : Annisa Widyawati

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