Mobil Pandawa (The Pandawa Car) UNNES Goes To Shell Eco Marathon Asia 2019

Wednesday, 24 April 2019 | 11:13 WIB



Again, Mobil Pandawa (The Pandawa Cars) of Engineering Faculty (FT) Universitas Negeri Semarang (UNNES) competes at the international level.

The Pandawa competes in the International arena participating in the energy-saving Shell Eco Marathon (SEM) Asia racing 2019 on April 28 – May 2, 2019 at Sepang International Circuit, Malaysia.

The Dean of Engineering Faculty, Dr Nur Qudus, accompanied by Vice Dean III Dr Wirawan Sumbodo MT and Rusiyanto SPd MT Chair of the Mechanical Engineering Department said that when the Pandawa Team has a visit for the Rector of UNNES Prof Dr Fathur Rokhman MHum represented by Vice Rector for Student Affairs Dr Abdurrahan MPd Wednesday (24/4 ) at the UNNES campus rector, Sekaran, Gunungpati.

They will compete with 120 teams from all over Asia, said Dr Nur Qudus.

Vice Rector for Student Affairs Dr Abdurrahman said that, UNES highly appreciated the Pandawa Car continuing to compete in the international arena to bring the reputation of UNNES.

Dr Abdurrahman said, this year the Pandawa Team participated in a class of urban concept vehicles with gasoline-fueled internal combustion engine (ICE), hopefully it would be a great winning.

“For that, we need a discipline team, hard working, and don’t forget to ask God to get approval in the race and finally the target is a winner,” hoped Dr Abdurrahman.

The Pandawa team is consisted of Fajar Satrio Aji, Muhammad Bagus Laroybafih, Febri Yustiansyah, Imam Widodo, Ariyanto, Akbar Rizki Mardiawan, Amanda Dhyan Purna Ramadhanti, Anas Fathkur Rahman, Muchamad Tri Pujiyanto, and Ahmad Mustamil Khoiron SPd MPd (supervisor).


Mutiah Karim (Student Staff)


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