Management student of Faculty of Economy introduce Indonesian Culture in Colombia

Tuesday, 31 October 2017 | 5:36 WIB

Management student of Faculty of Economy introduce Indonesian Culture in Colombia

Indonesia has an amazing cultural diversity. Introducing Indonesian culture to Indonesian or foreigner can be done through various ways, one of it is done by Rendy Irawan, Management student of Faculty of Economy of UNNES.

Rendy introduced Indonesian culture in Colombia in the event entitled “La Feria Multikultural” which was conducted by Universidad Santo Tomas. He asked Colombian students in the event to take pictures wearing traditional Indonesian clothes.

Luckily, Rendy brought enough batik that can be used to take pictures. It can be seen that the Colombian students are very interested and so enthusiastic to wear batik because of the uniqueness of its motives.

When this news was written, Rendi had been in colombi for two monyhs. He succeed to get a scholarship from the Govenrment of Colombia to study Spanish for one semester. In Colombia, he also welcomed by the President and Ministry of Foreign Affair of Colombia at the presidential palace in Bogota with all other scholars.

Rendy along with six other Indonesian contingents also had time to meet and get a message from the Ambassador of Indonesia to Colombia to always keep the nation’s good name and participate in helping the government in promoting the cultural richness of Indonesia.

Furthermore, before going back to Indonesia, Rendi will take test of Spanish skill to get recognition of it.

This achievement certainly reinforces the identity of UNNES as university with conservation insight and international reputation.

DIUNGGAH : Annisa Widyawati
EDITOR : Annisa Widyawati

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