Follow FLCBF 2018, Student of PIPS UNNES Successfully Introduce the Culture of Batik in Japan.

Tuesday, 30 January 2018 | 4:58 WIB

Follow FLCBF 2018, Student of PIPS UNNES Successfully Introduce the Culture of Batik in Japan.

Student of Social Science Education Studies Program of Universitas Negeri Semarang (PIPS UNNES) Febri Susanti successfully introduce the culture of batik nusantara in Japan, Sunday (21/1).

In a program organized by Youth For Future and House Leadership in cooperation with the Persatuan Pelajar Indonesia (PPI), Febri became one of the delegates selected from dozens of other delegates after following various screening processes and mechanisms.

For Febri, the selection process to be declared as one delegate gives its own impression. Starting from file and administration selection, then essay about batik nusantara. On that occasion, Febri introduced one of the world heritage, especially Banyumas typical batik.

“Activities are held from 21 to 25 January 2018, which introduces batik for Japanese society. I tried to introduce Banyumas batik with unique ornaments and colors from local culture. On a broader scale, the goal is we can introduce the culture of batik as the legacy of the Indonesia, as a culture belongs to Indonesia in the eyes of the world. Moreover, batik has been declared by UNESCO as one of the world heritage, ” explained the final graduate student.

FLCBF 2018 has three programs for selected delegates. First, the Batik Conference which is the first Indonesian batik conferences by bringing some famous Indonesian batik experts.

Second, Market Research that challenges delegates to analyze business developments in Japan and create ideas about optimizing the potential of Indonesian market to compete in the global world. Third, the Indonesian Cultural Festival. This program is an Indonesian cultural show by selected delegates to Japanese society.

Febri added that this achievement can not be separated from the support and motivation of Mrs. lecturer and friends, especially the big family PIPS UNNES.

“I am also grateful to the Rector of UNNES, along with the Dean and Vice Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences who have given me the opportunity and financial support so that I can introduce the batik culture in Kyoto, Japan,” Febri said.

Companion Student Association (Hima) PIPS Rudi Salam MPd appreciate the achievement of Febri.

“There are 442 participants who participated in the selection, Febri elected and became part of 50 Indonesian delegates who passed the selection. Through this activity, we hope, Febri able to explain and introduce Indonesian batik culture well, especially the typical batik of Banyumas. In addition, this achievement is part of the participation of students in realizing the internationalization of UNNES and can introduce UNNES on the international stage, “explained the lecturer of the subjects of Curriculum and Textbook Study of IPS.

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EDITOR : Annisa Widyawati

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