To Begin 2016, UNNES Students Marked Achievements in Malaysia

Thursday, 18 February 2016 | 13:28 WIB

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In the beginning of 2016, Unnes brought a good news. Ten Unnes students attained achievements in Professional, Engineering, Leadership, Teamwork, and Awareness Camp (PELTAC) 2016 at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Saturday-Thursday (23-28 / 1/2016) ago.

The ten students are Imada Cahya Unnes Septianingsih from the Faculty of Social Sciences; Jauhandri Arizal Ahmad, M. Hadi Muchlison, M. Adib from the Faculty of Engineering; and Eva Andriani, Eva Oktafikasari, Mustangin, Jariyah, Ami Rahma Noari and Tubagus Fahmi from the Faculty of Economics.

A series of events in these activities consist of seminars, workshops, competitions, cultural appreciation night, gala dinner, and extreme sport.

Some of the accomplishments that were achieved including the 1st Runner Up in a debate champion and 2nd Runner Up in a public speaking competition by Eva Andriani. While Jauhandri Arizal Ahmad, Eva Oktafikasari, and Tubagus Fahmi won the 1st Runner Up position by beating 102 participants from Egypt, Palestine, Yemen, Sudan, and Malaysia. Not only that, Jariyah and Imada were crowned as the best team. While Adib and Mustangin as the best performers.

During the event series, Jauhandri Arizal Ahmad and Eva Andriani also had the opportunity to become a motivational speaker and spiritual journey of training for 200 new students at the College Vocational Slim River (KVSR), Perak Darul Ridzuanto Malaysia. These activities receive a positive response both from officials and teachers in KVSR.

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EDITOR : Annisa Widyawati

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