Studying at UNNES


Studying at Unnes: Regular Class

Semarang State University (UNNES) open admission for international students around the world. The vision to become a world class university lead Unnes to give more portion for international students to learn at this university.

There are 59 study programs of bachelor degree and 22 postgraduate programs offered at UNNES. The bachelor degree study programs offered for international student candidates are available in 8 faculties. They are: Education Sciences Faculty, Languages and Arts Faculty, Social Sciences Faculty, Mathematics and Natural Sciences Faculty, Engineering Faculty, Sport Sciences Faculty, Economic Faculty, and Law Faculty. There are also 10 international study programs designed for international students coming from any countries around the world. Learn more about the 10 international study program.


International candidates shall meet the following criteria:

  1. The candidates shall not have Indonesian citizenship;
  2. The candidates applying for bachelor shall possess certificate of Senior High School level, and those who want to apply for master or doctoral shall have certificate of bachelor degree and/or master degree;
  3. For those who wish to apply for international study programs, you have to be able to  communicate in English, proven by providing a TOEFL certificate with minimum score 500, IELTS minimum 6.0, TOEIC 600, or IBT minimum 70.
  4. For those who wish to apply for the regular study program (not the international study program), the candidates shall have ability to communicate in Bahasa Indonesia; if the candidates do not meet this requirement, Semarang State University offer Bahasa Indonesia program for foreign speakers.

Admission Procedures

  1. Learn about the study programs offered, eligibility, documents required, and admission procedures, then choose one of the study programs as desired;
  2. Complete the form in this link: Admission form
  3. Prepare the required documents, scan them in JPEG or PDF type with size no longer than 200 Kb.
  4. Email all the scanned documents to:
  5. You will get further information and instruction by email.

Selection Mechanism

All candidates will join the following selection process:

1. Document verification

All document will be assessed by International Office (IO) and the study program. If the candidates have provide the valid required document completely, then the candidate will pass this stage.

2. Bahasa Indonesia proficiency test or TOEFL (for international study program)

The candidates for international study program shall provide TOEFL certificate with score minimum 500, IELTS minimum 6.0, TOEIC 600, or IBT minimum 70.

The candidates of the other study programs need to provide certificate of Uji Kompetensi Bahasa Indonesia bagi Penutur Asing (UKBIPA-Test of Bahasa Proficiency for Foreign Learner), if they have already had it.

If the candidates do not have UKBIPA certificate, but they have ever joined any Bahasa Indonesia bagi Penutur Asing (BIPA-Bahasa for Foreign Learner) program, it is OK for them to provide only certificate of the BIPA program.

If the candidates have not joined either UKBIPA or BIPA program, but they are able to communicate in Bahasa Indonesia, all they need is joining our test of Bahasa Indonesia proficiency as instructed in this link: UNNES test bahasa indonesia untuk calon mahasiswa WNA

Any candidate who have not been able to communicate in Bahasa Indonesia, while he or she wishes to apply for the study program which is not included as the international program, they should not be worry. We might offer a matriculation program of BIPA either taken before the main courses or integrated with the main courses depends on the ability of the candidates/students. You can learn more for BIPA program here.

3. Interview

The candidates of bachelor degree and master degree will be interviewed by the head of study program, while the candidates of doctoral degree will be interviewed by the head of study program and the experts in the proposed discipline. The interview could be done through Skype and the mechanism will be informed through email.

These three mechanisms will be done simultaneously, and the candidates who pass this tests will get Conditional Letter of Acceptance (LoA).

The Unconditional LoA and Student Visa

The conditional LoA will remain conditional until the candidates fulfill the following criteria:

1. The candidate confirms/answers/responds the LoA by email;

Once the candidates confirm the LoA, we will proceed the process by applying for the study permission to the Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education of Indonesia. This study permission is used to apply for student visa and limited stay permit (immigration).

2. Once the study permission is granted by the ministry (normally in 2 weeks), we will issue an Unconditional LoA allowing the students to apply for student visa (index 316) to enter Indonesia.

Important! Students of regular degree program are intended to stay for a long period (minimum 1 year). Thus, they have to bear a limited stay visa (student visa-index 316) or social cultural visit visa (index 211) which is then converted to be a limited stay permit. Therefore, we recommend to students for NOT applying Visa on Arrival (VoA) since VoA cannot be converted to limited stay permit in any circumstances.

To learn more about Indonesian Visa and the other immigration permits, please visit here.

Documents Required

The documents required for the admission which the candidates shall email to the IO of UNNES are as follows:

    1. Scan of certificate and transcript of records;
    2. Scan of translation of certificate and transcript of records in English or Bahasa Indonesia legalized by legal officer (the certificate and transcript of records which have been written originally in English or Bahasa are not necessary to be translated);
    3. Scan of certificate of UKBIPA, BIPA for those who have already had it;
    4. Scan of TOEFL ITP, TOEIC, TOEFL IBT, or IELTS for candidates applying for international class;
    5. Scan of passport with 2 years minimum validity period;
    6. Scan of letter of statement for not working, for not being involved in political movement, and for willing to obey the regulation in Republic of Indonesia; The sample of statement letter can be downloaded as follows: STATEMENT LETTER.
    7. File of formal picture/photograph;
    8. Scan of health statement from Indonesian hospital or hospital in home country;
    9. Scan of financial statement, either self-funded or under scholarship; The sample of financial letter can be downloaded as follows: FINANCIAL STATEMENT LETTER.

In particular for master and doctoral degree applicants: Candidates need to provide scan of recommendation letter from 2 lecturers who advised or taught in the previous education.

In particular for doctoral degree applicants: Candidates need to provide scan of dissertation proposal in 5 pages.



Should you have any difficulties in following the procedure or regarding the requirements, please do not hesitate to contact the Public Relation center of UNNES through email at:

In particular for those who come from countries which need a calling visa for their citizens to stay in a long term in Indonesia. The process of admission will be different as the Ministry of Research Technology and Higher Education will require more documents and longer time to process the application of study permission. We are open for further discussion about this case through email.

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