University of Auckland Strengthens its Bond with UNNES

Senin, 7 Maret 2016 | 10:48 WIB

University of Auckland Strengthens its Bond with UNNES

Prof. John Hope from University of Auckland (UOA) visits UNNES to talk on the importance of Internationalisation of Higher Education. He states that UNNES and UOA have worked together for quite some time and this collaboration must be maintained for the quality improvement of both universities. A number of UNNES lecturers and students have studied or are currently studying at UOA. This is a good start in his opinion.

Prof. Sukestiyarno, the Vice Rector for Planning and Collaboration, echoes Prof. Hope enthusiasm. He believes that this collaboration can be upgraded to higher level including but not limited to double degree program and research collaboration.

This presentation is attended by UNNES collaboration department and representatives from all faculties at UNNES.

DIUNGGAH : Hendi Pratama
EDITOR : Rahmat Petuguran

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