UNNES to Collaborate with Technological Giant

Jumat, 4 Maret 2016 | 9:40 WIB

UNNES to Collaborate with Technological Giant

Within the soaring development of digital technology, universities are expected to keep up with the unprecedented technological advancement in human history. UNNES takes on this challenge by accepting collaboration offer from Huawei, one of the most successful technological ventures in the world. In the next three years, UNNES and the technological giant agree to build ‘smart campus’ concept using the combination of resources from both institutions.

UNNES Rector, Prof. Fathur Rokhman, regards this oppurtunity as a breakthrough for UNNES to accelerate its innovation trajectory. He signed the Memorandum of Understanding with the company, Thursday March, 3, 2016 at the company’s headquarter in Shenzhen, China. He hopes that this agreement will bring benefits for UNNES and the partner.

Singing the same tune, Enterprise Business Group Vice President of the Venture, Mr. Dong Wu, states that this collaboration is based on the fact that the Information Technology (IT) development at UNNES has been growing in a fast pace. “Faster than most of Indonesian Universities’,” he adds. During the effective date of the agreement, the company will send its experts to Indonesia to share its IT latest solution to its Indonesian counterparts.

This collaboration is both important and unique. It is important because universities are now demanded by government and students to optimise their IT capacity both for academic service and decision support system (DSS). The uniquenes comes from the fact that UNNES was once a teacher institution but now it has turned into a more broad range university with excellent IT capability.

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